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Pick your...
1) Style
  2) Finish
3) Font
4) Size


Select from:

  • Framed

  • Unframed 

  • Pallatized


Stain options (frame or background):

  • Early American

  • Dark Walnut

  • Classic Grey

  • Ebony

Background (chalk paint):

White, Ivory, Grey, Black


Common Sizes

Small: 8x8, 9x7, 10x10, 8x10

Medium: 12x12, 10x12, 14x10

Large: 14x14, 12x14; 24x6, 24x10

 XL: 24x12; 18x12; 18X25


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Text: Handpainted vs. Painted - 

Many people appreciate the time and talent spent on hand-painted signs but both options offer different advantages. Often times hand-painted lettering can be more customizable with different color schemes, but is subject to (very) minor blemishes or human error (think brush strokes), dependent of the experience of the designer. Hand-painted signs can appear a little more subtle than vinyl, whereas vinyl appears crisp and bolder. Picture this: imagine a ring bearer at a wedding holding a dark stained sign - in this scenario, the font style may benefit from vinyl lettering to create a bold contrast against the dark wood for all the guests to see; versus perhaps an entrance sign to the wedding may benefit from a softer look achieved with a hand-painted style. Both are great options to achieve a clean and neat professional look and comes down to individual preference.

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Still not seeing what you are looking for? No problem! If you would like to select your own font or simply see what other options are available, visit and inform us of your choice in order request/email.