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NACHO Average SIblings

Image by John Westrock



Tiffany has always been into some sort of crafting since a young age and now being a mother of three kids, two dogs, a cat and a husband, with a full time job, and a part-time fitness coach... she naturally finds herself having a few unfilled hours a week so of course she had to fill it with something.

She has always loved various types of crafting and find that she tends to be naturally good at it! From floral arrangements for the home, a special event or your wedding she's your gal!


While she prefers to mainly use sola wood flowers (they are yours forever), faux floral or fresh flowers are always an option!
Other areas she loves to dabble is event planning, jewelry making, customized shirts, pillows, bags, etc. with your sayings.


You have ideas!? Let her help bring them to life!



Splausha first realized her love for home décor and all things shabby chic shortly after she purchased her first home in 2016. The best thing about being a home owner, in her perspective, is adding personality to your walls and furnishings. She accidently tripped into becoming a sign maker after trial-and-error creations for her own home. Since starting, she hasn't been able to stop. After spending years mastering the process, she loves the challenge of a custom design or learning new wood working techniques. Her favorite thing are witty designs that add personality and a little spunk in your home. She would best describe her styling profile as bohemian farmhouse.

When Splausha isn't creating new things, she is a serving her community as full time dental hygienist. She is married with three fur babies;  Meeka, Milo and fat cat.


Splausha is dedicated to putting love and detail into every product she creates. Both quality of care and working with the customer every step of the way is of the upmost importance. To her, nothing feels better than making your vision into reality. Got naked walls ? She can help you dress them up with according to your own personal style !

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